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Running Trustroots with Docker

Trustroots Docker containers are excellent for getting into development quickly.

Development with Docker might be little bit slower than running Mongo and NodeJS directly at your computer, but saves you from installing and configuring all the required dependencies.



1. Clone the repository
git clone
cd trustroots
2. Create a config file

This will do:

cp config/env/local.sample.js config/env/local.js

Add host: '' in config/env/local.js

Optional: See config/env/default.js for details if you want to change something.

3. Run the install script
docker-compose up

This will take a while. Good news is you just have to sit back and let it do its magic.

4. Done!

You can now access these from your browser:

Running & development

Refer to regular Install documentations for how to seed content, how to run tests etc.

Just prepend docker-compose run trustroots to each command instructed at the documentation, for example:

npm run test:server


docker-compose run trustroots npm run test:server

The app is installed to /trustroots folder inside the container but working directory is set so that any commands default to that folder.