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Running Trustroots locally

These instructions are for installing locally. If you’d like to have containerised setup, see Installing with Docker instead.


Make sure you have installed all these prerequisites:


1. Clone the repository:

git clone
cd trustroots

2. Make sure MongoDB is running on the default port (27017):


Optional: If you need to modify connection settings, see config/env/local.js config file.

3. Install dependencies and start the app:

npm ci
npm start

🎉 Open http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

Good to know

Modifying configurations

Add any configurations you want to keep out of version control to config/env/local.js file. It’s created for you on the first start and overrides anything in config/env/local.js.

Next Steps

Check out Development Getting Started to learn more about general project structure. Check out the Development docs for more info about tooling, mock data, running tests, etc.