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Server side code

Do not use console.log/warn/error/info directly: instead use our logger utility, which is a wrapper for Winston’s log() method. Logs are then collected from production server to a centralised place.

While developing, you will see them in Node.js console.


const log = require('./config/lib/logger');

log('error', 'Example background job failed.', {

You can use these log levels error, warn and info.

It’s okay to use console.log/warn/error/info in CLI scripts, server bootstrapping code and configuration files.

Client side code

Do not use console.log/warn/error/info in files bundled for client side since they would be shipped to our users.

In Angular code, you can use $log service. Output from this is disabled in production.

There is currently no method to use in React code.

We don’t currently record client side error logging to centralised place.