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Development, in-depth documentation

The application

The mobile app

We have a React Native app for Android written in ClojureScript:

Coding conventions

Most important



CSS class names

Route conventions

TODO: Outdated

Convention is as follows:




CI setup

Slowly getting there. Any help/experiences appreciated! #228

Unit tests

…mainly to test Mongo models (example).

…as well some critical bits of Angular frontend (example).

Integration tests

… mainly for the API routes (example).

End-to-end tests with Selenium

We have a free Automate account with Browserstack (#199, blog) — this is offered to us for free since we’re an open source project. This makes it very easy for us to test the project on tons of different browsers on various platforms, including MSIE.

Written in Python, using Selenium (#225).

(Selenium tests are currently out of date.)

Run tests

Folder layout

You might want to read the folder structure to get a handle on how things are laid out. A quick summary: