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Getting started with design

Where work happens

Suppose you’ve already dropped by at volunteer chat at this point and if you haven’t, you should! Lots of the design discussions happen there.

Repositories — see “issues” and “pulls”:

Getting started

Getting started with development or other tasks at Trustroots is fairly straightforward compared to design.

We don’t currently have design/development process. While we do have distinctive features at the site, they all fit together to form a more cohesive experience and thus understanding the big picture might feel challenging. Making changes requires a bit deeper understanding of how everything interacts, what are the goals of different flows etc. Generally, not having too many assumptions and just asking lots of questions should make it easier.

That said, there’s lots to do!

If you’re more UX/UI type person, we can figure out out specific tasks around features that need designing.

If you’re more product designer type, starting carving out the said design process and thinking how our flows could be improved is a great place to start.

As a project we have a history of designer volunteers dropping out fairly early on, which is something we’d like to change and need your help with. While there is always something to do on development side, doing design might require quite a bit of patience from you since things aren’t always moving as fast as you’d like them to.

Further studying

Familiarise yourself little bit more with rest of the documentation and guides.